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The cost:   2 600 - 3 100

Technique of traditional Thai massage has appeared about 2500 years ago and changed under the influence of the ancient cultures of India and China.

Thai massage has gained popularity around the world as a great way of improving flexibility, spine and also as an effective way to fight stress.

Traditional Thai massage is also called "yoga massage" or "passive yoga" because during the session master helps the visitor to take a desired posture and relax. At the same time he very carefully and gently stretches, twists and stakes the body. As a result, muscles are relaxed and the pain is gone. Flexibility of spine joints, elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons rises. Yoga massage is given in the supine position in comfortable clothes.

Thai Yoga massage reduces anxiety, and eliminates aggression as well as other negative emotions. It fills your body with power, eliminates “chronic fatigue" syndrome, normalizes sleep and appetite, and exonerates harmony and balance of all inner systems.  

Duration — 1 hour 30 minutes, cost — 2600 rubles.

Duration — 2 hours, cost — 3100 rubles.

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