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The cost:   5500

You are going to a party and want to look irresistible? Brilliant ritual "before the party" is a fast and efficient way to achieve this goal!

Wellness program begins with a charge of vivacity for the body - fragrant bath "Mulled Wine", which will fill the skin with freshness and energy of vitamins, then the effect will emphasize with wine therapy "grape seeds scrub", carefully cleaning and making the skin smooth and supple. Next you will find a perfect rejuvenating wine wrap, skin hydration and express massage which will help to consolidate the feeling of lightness and energy tide. And as a final stage of the spa "Before the party" program - a little glamorous shimmering lotion, which gives the image of mystery! That's it - you're ready to leave, even on the red carpet for the "Oscar"!

Duration — 2 hours.

Additionally, you can pay for a hair spa program "Super moistening" or Express care for any type of hair Well-being massage oil.

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