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The cost:   8000

"The dream of marocMaroc" includes steaming hammam and exfoliation using ultra cleansing and moisturizing Moroccan black soap and Kese glove. The program will continue by applying cleansing and exfoliating body balm Miel d'Ambre.

After this facial scrub Grains de Lumiere is applied, which contributes to a better cleansing of the skin, removes toxins and dead skin cells and makes the skin soft and more elastic. 

During the "Dream of marocMaroc" spa program master will give special attention to hair care: firstly the cleansing shampoo Fleur de Rhassoul is applied with relaxing massage movements, after this master will use the Amande en Creme mask to restore damaged hair.

Then spa program continues with the facials part: ten-minutes of massage with warm stones will replace manual massage, and then the master will apply the mask, which will be most suitable for your skin type. 

The next step will be the ceremonial massage session with a nourishing balm Onguent d'Argan and the final part - body toning cream Roses de Sucre.

Duration  — 2 hour 30 minutes.

Additionally, you can pay for a hair spa program "Super moistening" or Express care for any type of hair Well-being massage oil.

For this procedure we use:
- Individual Kese glove (made in Morocco). The glove is transmitted to the client for home use.
- sample shampoo Urban Tribe
- bathrobe
- terry slippers

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