"Extra-slim with guarana and sea oak" program

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The cost:   4200

The "Extra-slim with guarana and sea oak" program is for the clients who want to lose weight quickly, adjust the contours of the figure and remove swelling. Extra weight loss with guarana and sea oak improves skin texture, increases its elasticity and tone.

The procedure begins with the application of light and relaxing movements of almond oil and then the body scrub with micronized algae is applied. Then the master will do the wrap procedure with the extra-slim body mask with guarana and sea oak.

As a compliment from our Spa we give our guests a light massage of the head and face.

Applying massage sea oak cream will complete “Extra-slim” program. It is rejuvenating anti-cellulite cream that is applied to the skin after the mask. This way it significantly improves skin.

Duration — 1 hour 30 minutes.

Additionally, you can pay for a hair spa program "Super moistening" or Express care for any type of hair Well-being massage oil.

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