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Thai aroma-oil massage consist of elements of manual therapy in combination with muscle and point massage using aromatic oils.

This type of Thai massage performs two recreational features: aromatherapy and relaxation massage, whose main task is to relax and restore the nervous system. With this technique you’ll cope with stress and "chronic fatigue" syndrome. 

During the session master very gently works the muscles, thus improving blood circulation, relieves muscle tension. Moreover, oil massage has lymph drainage and cosmetic anti-aging effect. It is greatly strengthen by aromatherapy. 

Ethereal composition of oils has a reflex effect on the nerve-endings, biological activities points and capillaries, including the brain limbic systems. Thai aroma massage leads to harmony of the whole body, calms the mind, helps to effectively deal with insomnia and fatigue.

Duration — 1 hour 30 minutes.

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