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Complex anti-cellulite massage


Complex anti-cellulite massage aims to achieve the maximum effect of massage to get rid of cellulite, improve skin elasticity and pr...

  4000 руб.

Therapeutic massage

  1800-2200 руб.

Chinese massage

  2100-2700 руб.

Peruvian massage

Technique of the Peruvian massage firstly appeared on the South American harvest festival, when the participants of the event competed in the ability ...

  4 400 руб.

Champi – Indian head massage

It's hard to imagine a country with larger number of traditional massage techniques than India. The most popular nowadays techniques were born the...

  1 500 руб.

Chinese Zoku Shin massage

Zoku Shin is a reflex feet and hands massage.

  1 500 руб.

Herbal bags Thai massage

The main tools of the traditional Thai massage are herbal bags. This practice is used since ancient times. Collection of oriental medicinal herbs is p...

  2 500 руб.

Traditional Thai massage

  2 600 - 3 100 руб.

Thai aroma-oil massage

Thai aroma-oil massage consist of elements of manual therapy in combination with muscle and point massage using aromatic oils.

  2 700 руб.

Crystal sticks massage

Crystal sticks massage smooth wrinkles and improves the shape of the face, normalize psycho-emotional state, soothes and plunges into a state of harmo...

  2 000 руб.

Today there is a great variety of different massage techniques. Each culture has brought something of their own, each procedure is distinguished by its uniqueness. Massage in Aloe SPA is several hours journey to Spain, Thailand, China, and even Peru. Such mix of modern European and ancient oriental massage techniques is offered by our specialists. Massage helps to get rid of backache, relieve muscle tension, improve skin condition, simulate the silhouette of a figure, relieve fatigue and stress.

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