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The cost:   2 000

Crystal sticks massage smooth wrinkles and improves the shape of the face, normalize psycho-emotional state, soothes and plunges into a state of harmony and relaxation.

Crystal sticks affect skin and allow working with even hard-to-get areas of the face during the massage. Sticks have different shapes: sharpened on one hand to make deeper massage in small areas, and smooth on the other hand to work on larger areas of the face. 

As a result  after the crystal sticks massage skin becomes noticeably smoother, small line and “crow’s feet” will fade as well as bruises and bags under the eyes.

Another nice feature of the crystal sticks is that they immerse you in a state of complete relaxation. Massage touches of smooth crystals help to forget about the bustle of the city and cheer you up.

Duration — 40 minutes

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