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The cost:   5500

Two hour's "Ginger" spa program is designed especially to return your body to tone and consciousness – to peace and harmony.

The program begins with gentle steaming hammam, and then the master will apply modeling scrub with sea salt and an extract of blue ginger on the body. The next step will be the study of the "problem" areas: the chest and neck, the inner surface of the shoulders and hips, stomach and buttocks - the master will use a modeling mask to lift some zones.

Then you will have a session of 40-minute massage with anti-cellulite oil.

Spa program completes with the traditional evening tea: ginger tea with honey and lime.

As a result, you get an incredible cheerfulness of the whole body and lifting mood, improve the flow of lymph, as well as the withdrawal of fluid and toxins from the body.

Program duration – 2 hours.

Additionally, you can pay for a hair spa program "Super moistening" or Express care for any type of hair Well-being massage oil.

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