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The cost:   1800-2700

Anti-cellulite massage has become one of the most popular procedures of our center: clients begin to prepare for the holiday season in advance, while the rate of this massage not only helps to smooth skin surface, but also provides a general slimming — by speeding up the metabolism of the figure takes the desired shape much faster.

Our experts use the most effective anti-cellulite massage techniques, constantly striving to create the perfect shape of the body, from which the client will come to an absolute delight. 

The duration of the general anti-cellulite massage session —1 hour 30 minutes, price — 1 800 rubles.

The following versions of this technique are also possible:

Anti-cellulite massage with professional cosmetics for figure correction — 1 hour, price — 2 000 rubles.

Anti-cellulite massage with professional cosmetics for figure correction — 1 hour 30 minutes, price — 2700 rubles.

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