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    Today there is a great variety of different massage techniques. Each culture has brought something of their own, each procedure is distinguished by its uniqueness. Massage in Aloe SPA is several hou...

  • SPA-zone


    Gentle steaming in hammam or SPA-capsule, exfoliation, aromatherapy, moisturizing mask, refreshing swimming pool, a relaxing massage and a tea ceremony in the end – you can experience all this in th...



    Each person is different and Aloe SPA stylists know this and will help to emphasize the natural beauty so you will pick up a new image. Psychologists say that when a person changes her hair it leads...


Contraindications to massage and SPA-procedures

Some spa treatments and massages have contraindications and may not be suitable for people with certain diseases. We recommend you to become familiar with the general rules of caution and pay attention to the presence of chronic and inflammatory processes in the body choosing a spa and massage program.

Spa-Etiquette: spa rules

Going to a spa is like going to any public place like a restaurant or a supermarket. Do not forget about what behavior is expected and not acceptable in the process of your visit by both other visitors and spa employees.

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