Contraindications to massage and SPA-procedures

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Contraindications to massage and SPA-procedures

Some spa treatments and massages have contraindications and may not be suitable for people with certain diseases. We recommend you to become familiar with the general rules of caution and pay attention to the presence of chronic and inflammatory processes in the body choosing a spa and massage program.

Currently many women are diagnosed with inflammation of the pelvic organs. Be careful when having such inflammation because heating is strictly contraindicated and can lead to worse gynecological diseases. It is better to refuse visiting hammam before passing the full examination and consultation with a specialist.

Also spa area treatments and heating are contraindicated for people who have heart and kidneys problems as well as hypertension and acute laryngitis.

Consultation with a physician is necessary if you are prescribed a diet for chronic pancreatitis and diabetes. And what's more, it is necessary to postpone a visit to the spa, even having a cold. It is impossible to imagine how the weakened body will react to the procedure.

General contraindications

Anti-cellulite programs

 Anti-cellulite programs focus on intensive correction of "problem areas": the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. We warn you that if having the following diseases and conditions of the body anti-cellulite sessions are contraindicated:
- pregnancy or lactation period,
- menstruation,
- persons under the age of 18 years,
- if having serious kidney or heart disease,
- after surgery in the "problematic" zones,
- varicose veins or vascular nets on legs,
- allergy.

Thai treatments (massage, spa program) contraindications:

- intoxications,
- severe mental and neurological diseases,
- generalized rheumatic diseases of the periarticular tissues,
- serious cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure (hypertension),
- severe disease (e.g., thrombosis),
- recent surgery or trauma,
- acute infection with a high temperature,
- skin diseases with a large damaged surfaces (eczema, psoriasis, shingles),
- pregnancy or lactation (except the neck head and face areas),
- gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage,
- oncological diseases,
- presence of prostheses (e.g., hip or knee replacement),
- urolithiasis (massage with caution),
- diseases of the spine,
- phlebeurysm,
- osteoporosis,
- acute febrile illness and high fever,
- bleeding and tendency to it,
- blood diseases,
- purulent processes of any location,
- atherosclerosis of peripheral vessels and brain vessels,
- heart and aortic aneurysm,
- allergic diseases with cutaneous rash,
- diseases of the abdominal cavity with a tendency to bleeding,
- chronic osteomyelitis,
- tumor,
- circulatory failure of the 3rd degree,
- between hyper- and hypotonic crises,
- acute myocardial ischemia,
- pronounced sclerosis of cerebral vessels,
- acute respiratory disease (ARD),
- intestinal upset (a nausea, vomiting, diarrhea),
- grade 3 pulmonary heart disease.

Dear customers! Go thought consultation with a specialist before visiting the spa programs and massages.

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