Spa-Etiquette: spa rules

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Spa-Etiquette: spa rules

Going to a spa is like going to any public place like a restaurant or a supermarket. Do not forget about what behavior is expected and not acceptable in the process of your visit by both other visitors and spa employees.

Spa-Etiquette for clients:

1. You must come to Spa at the appointed time or in advance to slowly prepare for the session.

2. Before the beginning of spa treatments our specialist will provide you a guest towel, bathrobe, disposable underwear and slippers. Also at the request of the client he’ll provide the make-up remover. You should change clothes in the sealed area away from prying eyes.

3. You cannot rush a spa expert during the procedure or ask him to change the standard procedure of the selected spa programs (for example, change the wrapping for a massage).

4. It is necessary to pre-warn the master of your pain points and problem areas - it will be taken into account during the implementation of a spa program.

5. Do not forget that there may be other guests in the spa area so you should delicately share space with them.

6. When visiting spa phones and other electronic gadgets must be disconnected, or switched to silent mode. This will relax you and other visitors.

7. As there is a need of certain time to prepare the room to meet another guest, do not forget that your time on the charges after the spa is limited.


1. Rough relation to the salon staff: increased tone, profanity, etc...

2. Sexual harassment.

3. Coming to the spa in a state of alcoholic or drugs intoxication.

Staff spa-etiquette:


1. Rude, abusive behavior in the process of customer service: a derogatory or increased tone, insults, etc...

2. Denial of service because of guest’s disability or for other reasons biased.

3. Change of the master with whom the guest has arranged session in advance.

4. Untidy unhygienic appearance of employees.

5. Particular relevance to someone of the visitors from the staff.

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