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The cost:   3 500

Royal Thai massage is a complex that combines three massage techniques:
  • traditional Thai massage, during which massage master uses elements of passive yoga and acupuncture massage;
  • herbal bags Thai massage is based on herbal medicine. It has both drainage and relaxing effect due to use of oriental herbs;
  • oil-massage is carried out with the help of aroma oils. It consists of practice of manual therapy, muscle and point relaxing massage.
All these parts of the Royal Thai massage perfectly complement each other, fill the body with energy and are a very powerful tool to combat stress and fatigue. It has a therapeutic effect on the entire human body, removes tension and pain in the muscles, and increases spine and joints flexibility.

Royal Thai massage has rejuvenating effect on the skin. As a result of the use of herbal and aromatic oils, skin becomes moist, soft and elastic.

Duration — 1 hour 30 minutes.

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