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The main tools of the traditional Thai massage are herbal bags. This practice is used since ancient times. Collection of oriental medicinal herbs is put into the fabric. Then this bags are processed in a special way in the hot or warm water. The same effect on the body occurs when using the bonding. Hot herbal decoction not only relaxes and heals the body, but also serves as herbal medicine.

Herbal bags Thai massage is a procedure, which has mild effect of lymph drainage. It eases the penetration of useful ingredients in the body and significantly increases their healing effect.

Such massage gives you a great help in dealing with stress and depression; it relieves stress, muscle pain, restores harmony of body, psychological and inner balance. It also eliminates overexcitement. In addition, phytomassage charges positive energy and the skin become soft and elastic. 

Duration — 1,5 hours.

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